Kendra Lee (b. 1987) better known as Kay Lee, is a multidisciplinary freelance artist. As a true Washingtonian, who grew up in a changing and challenging environment, art has always been a “light at the end of the tunnel” outlet and it has given her a way to express herself in the most positive non-verbal way.  The passion behind her work allows her to create appealing and yet emotional pieces. She creates with the intentions of leaving an impression on others with her artwork. She wants others to feel something after seeing her artwork, whether, it is joy, sadness, anger, calm, etc. She specializes in acrylic paints, pallet knife paintings and a broad variety of other artistic ventures like logos, digital illustrations, stationary and clay products.
She graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with honors; a BA in Administration of Justice and a A.A in Liberal Arts. She later attended Trinity Washington University, where she received her MBA in Business Administration. Over the years, she has excelled with the Federal Government, where she currently thrives in the Human Resources field. She is the wife of John Lee and the mother of five AMAZING children. Kay Lee, juggles many hats, trades, and titles in life... but Artist is one of her favorites.
Bright Colors Virtual Exhibit (2020) Bowie Town Hall, Md
Watercolors (2020) Bowie Town Hall, Md
Seasons of Change (2019) Bowie Town Hall, Md
Rise (2019) - RawArtists Howard Theatre, Wash. DC
Awakening (2019) - Curated by Kay Lee Youth Art Exhibition - Community of Public Awareness Non-Profit - Largo, MD
People Choice Award - Old Bowie Festival Art Show - 2021 
Channel 4 News - 2021 
KH Naturals KO - Limited Edition Candles and illustrations - 2020
Art Ambassador for Jerrysartarama 
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